One TV show a Month


“Former Senator Selina Meyer finds that being Vice President of the United States is nothing like she hoped and everything that everyone ever warned her about.”

Since 2012, Veep has been entertaining us by showing the political path of Selina Mayer ( and her frequently incompetent staff) and satirizing American politics along the way.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes a great job, as the rest of the cast. It’s enjoyable, full of energy and very dynamic, but there’s no punchlines. I wouldn’t say this is hilarious, this is funny and fun most of the time and it’s definitely entertaining but I’m kind of loosing interest (it’s currently going to its fifth season). I just can’t find a reason why I should watch this fifth season, maybe if Selina Meyer got another job, maybe a change of scenery would make me more excited.

I completely understand those who hate it and love it. For me: it’s good enough to be watched, mainly now that there isn’t many options out there (related to comedy). Don’t get to this series with high expectations although you might me surprised if you do not expect anything from it.


What I did when I was in the Netherlands


  1. Wondering around

The best why to enjoy the city? Just walk around the different neighborhoods! Explore the city at your own pace, stopping on every shop or landmark you like.


Market in the Joordan District

2. Breakfast at NEMO Science Museum


Look at this view!

3. Van Gogh Museum


It’s not allowed to take photos, I was only able to take this one.

4. Visit some of the most famous churches.

Churches can say a lot about its cities. In Amsterdam, some of them are free, some of them aren’t, it’s up to you to choose which you would like to visit.


5.  Anne Frank’s House

I didn’t actually went to its museum because I the tickets were sold out, but Anne Frank is one of the most symbolic figures of the II World War. If you don’t know what I’m talking about click here.


6. Rijksmuseum


7. Canal Cruise


Zaanse Schans


Windmills are the symbols of Netherlands! Zaanse Schans is an area full of  windmills that you can actually visit. I loved it and absolutely recommend it!


If you have time to explore more cities I certainly recommend Haarlem. Visit the main church, go see the windmill and just walk around the city!




Where the research center of ESA is located, Noordwijk has a beautiful beach. Visit it if you’re looking for a peaceful walk around the beach.


Cinematic Framing

The framing techniques didn’t change much since the beginning of cinema. This video shows some examples of unconventional framing techniques that worked well within the script or because of its director vision.

In the video we watch examples of Oz the Great and Powerful (2013), Tom à la ferme (2013), Mommy (2014), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Oscar winner Ida (2013).

For more about the history of aspect ratio check this video:

Best of 2016| TV Edition

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