Mini Reviews of TV shows |6

The Night Manager (2016)


This is a TV adaptation of le Carre famous novel, it follows a former British soldier as he navigates the shadowy recesses of Whitehall and Washington where an alliance operates between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade, infiltrating the inner circle of arms dealer.

I was with expectations too high for this one. I heard this was good on a few blogs so I decided to give it a try without even knowing the plot. Although the cast is amazing and the storyline suspenseful (just what I like) with amazing set locations I was a little bit disappointed just because it wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be. Despite that, I really enjoyed it and  I’m really interested to know what the writers and director will do on the second season.

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Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip

Mini Reviews of TV shows |5



Law student Christine Reade lands an internship at a law firm and struggles to balance her workload, expenses, classes and working as an escort.

After reading the reviews for this show, I was excited to watch it. So I was disappointed when I realized the main protagonist lacked any personality. By attempting to portray a mysterious, independent and conflicted young woman the writers stripped her of any personality. The series had potential, it could be really dark and it could challenge the line between right and wrong. There were several points throughout which could have been used to develop a more compelling storyline but failed to do that. I would not recommend it.

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